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At Music & More Academy, we individualize lessons and classes, tailored to each student's strengths, interests, abilities, and opportunities. We offer an interactive, hands-on approach to learning that challenges students while having fun. We love working with students who have challenges and/or special needs, including Autism, traumatic background, anxiety, Intellectual Disabilities, and more! 

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Learning is Fun!

We individualize all lessons/classes as much as possible to help each student learn the way you learn best, building on concepts that you already understand well. Let's discover new things together! :)

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Need discounted music lessons for a child with financial need? Malena is the State Coordinator for MusicLink in Maine. 

Click the MusicLink Foundation photo above, and once on the website, click on "How to Participate." Once registered, we'll match you with a music teacher who is willing to teach at a discounted rate! It may be with our studio, or it may be with another teacher. We look forward to helping your child discover a love of music! :)

Our mission is to provide music lessons, educational classes, and life enrichment at an affordable price to anyone interested, regardless of ability, disability, aptitude, or cognitive ability, and to foster connections between students and families for individual and community growth.

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